The range of accessories for the AudioInspector is constantly expanding. In general we provide remote control interfaces and remote cables. In addition, we can also provide A/D converters and other tools.

When available for the respective machine, we focus on the integration of parallel remote interfaces rather than serial interfaces. Most of the time the required serial interface cards for analogue machines have not been purchased during their usage and are therefore usually not available for most historic machines any more. If you do not find the machines you wish to use for playback listed below or if you prefer serial remote control, please send us your requirements. We are more than happy to integrate additional interfaces on demand.

Parallel Remote SE

Parallel Remote SE – single machine

Parallel Remote SE – single machine
Price: € 870.00

Parallel Remote SE – quad machine

Parallel Remote SE – quad machine
Price: € 2,370.00

Parallel Remote SE:

In addition these interfaces allow capturing of external status signals like C2 signals from CD players, E32 errors from DAT players or the output of optical sensors from modified open reel tape machines.

Please understand that for parallel interfaces counter information is not supported by some machines. Only basic remote commands (play, fast forward, fast rewind, stop) might be available for parallel remote modules.

The configuration of remote interfaces may be custom made to your requirements. Corresponding lead time might be required.

Sony 9-pin Remote

Hardware equipped with a Sony 9-pin remote interface can be controlled by AudioInspector.

The only hardware required is a RS-422 cable.

Remote Cables

Remote cables can be delivered upon request. When possible, we use standard cables which can be sourced at local hardware stores without the need to pay for any expensive shipping charges.

Fireface™ A/D Converter by RME

AudioInspector works according to ASIO standards.
Most ASIO A/D devices therefore comply with AudioInspector.

The A/D converter we recommend to use with AudioInspector is Fireface™ from RME. Fireface 400™ delivers 8 analogue audio channels with a resolution of 24bit / 192 kHz (current maximum for audio A/D converters) plus 10 digital input channels at a price of around € 880 (status 08/2007).

When buying Fireface™ you will also receive a software called DIGICheck - Totalyser™. This software delivers a hardware supported phase monitor, correlation meter, peak meters and a spectrum analyzer that can be used for set-up and actual recordings with AudioInspector.


Updates are made available as downloads. As a registered user you will be automatically informed as soon as updates are available.

Integration of workflow systems via drop folder and Webservices / SOAP

In environments supported by workflow or content management systems it is convenient to access all services through the CMS.

AudioInspector (Batch Inspector) can be accessed by dropping the files in a drop folder on a first come first serve basis or by using Webservices / SOAP for analysis according to a provided priority list.

If you have any specific requirements for integration of AudioInspector (Batch Inspector) into a CMS, please let us know. We will be happy to integrate them for you.

To preserve the content of an archive in the most efficient way it is essential to streamline and control your workflow.

To do so you have to analyze your preservation process as a first. After that we recommend the integration of a workflow system that allows you to trigger and control operational processes closely.

If you wish to implement a workflow system into your operation we can help you via our cooperation with Ceiton Technologies workflow systems. Ceiton is a worldwide leading vendor for workflow systems in audiovisual studio environments. For more information, please contact us at or visit

Loading Robots

For mass digitization of cassette tapes the use of loading robots can be a necessity to be efficient.

We can supply professional custom made loading robots for any cassette format.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.