Purchase Credits

AudioInspector is invoiced on a usage-based model. To use AudioInspector you therefore have to buy a very affordable license as "entrance fee" and a fee for usage. For one hour of program transferred we charge € 1.

It is necessary to purchase credits which are added to your AudioInspector account in advance. AudioInspector will subtract the hours of program you have transferred and stored from this account via the internet.

To see the status of your customer account visit the customer area that will become visible once you have registered and created an account. Credit packages are available from 100 hours up to an unlimited license. So you pay for what you have used.

The unlimited license does not require an internet connection after product installation. Please contact us for your individual quote.

Credits can only be purchased after you have bought a regular AudioInspector license but not during the free testing period.

100 hours AudioInspector Credits
Price: € 100.00

1 hour of AudioInspector Credits
Price: € 1.00

500 hours AudioInspector Credits
Price: € 490.00

1000 hours AudioInspector Credits
Price: € 950.00

5000 hours AudioInspector Credits
Price: € 4,500.00