The carriers of the world’s recorded heritage are about to deteriorate in the near future. As a result, archivists all over the world have begun transferring their unique content from original recording media to digital mass storage systems.

AudioInspector is the #1 software in audio preservation, providing a complete set of tools for the efficient digitization of analogue audio streams. It includes tools for the automated generation and annotation of subjective parameters, as well as for capturing objective quality metadata on the condition of the original medium and the recording chain during the digitization process.

BatchInspector is the corresponding tool for automated high speed analysis of existing audio files, delivering the same data approx. 25 times faster than real time.

AudioInspector has been designed by experienced senior audio engineers and leading research institutes as a cutting-edge tool for professional audio archives and service providers working for audio archives.

However, many dedicated to preserving the recorded heritage face budgetary issues. Financing a project’s tools that will show its benefits only in the years to come is often cumbersome and difficult.

Based on a new business model in this field, AudioInspector allows starting preservation work immediately. So no delays are caused by missing investment budgets! With AudioInspector no big investments are required. When using AudioInspector in the pay-per-use model you will be charged what you have used – just 1 Euro per program hour transferred.

The credit hours can be purchased over the internet. Your individual needs determine the amount of credits you buy – from a few hours up to an unlimited license for which a fixed fee is paid upfront. This level of flexibility makes AudioInspector also affordable for small archives and private users, helping preserve their precious collections.

A free and fully functional Single Machine Inspector and Quad Machine Inspector with 50 hours of free credits for first-time users can be downloaded from the Web at*.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and any suggestions you may have for AudioInspector’s further development.

* Limited to one test-license for each software version per e-mail address and PC.