System Requirements

PC Requirements

We recommend running AudioInspector exclusively, and potentially RME's DIGICheck - Totalyser™ simultaneously, when working with AudioInspector. It is not recommended to run AudioInspector on Laptops or consumer PC hardware, but on good standard PCs.

Before you install AudioInspector make sure that you have installed .NET Framework. This is a framework for application development provided by Microsoft™ and usually pre-installed with the operating system on any new PC. If you have not installed .NET Framework AudioInspector will not run. .NET can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft™ webpage.

ATTENTION: Only one license can be installed on a PC at a time. If you change your license e.g. from a Single Machine Inspector to a Quad Machine Inspector you will loose the license for the Single Machine Inspector on this machine! Please contact us at to reactivate your "old" license for a different PC then.

Single Machine Inspector minimum requirements

Quad Machine Inspector minimum requirements

Viewer minimum requirements

Batch Inspector minimum requirements