Selected Customer References & Statements

So far more than 500.000 hours of program have been analyzed from our customers using AudioInspector. We thank our customers for trusting in our products!

"The sound carriers we are working on require special care and sensitive treatment. Nothing can replace an experienced archivist in such projects.
Nevertheless it is important to have a reliable tool that allows another detailed view on the material and the collection of quality related metadata.
We are impressed by the capabilities of AudioInspector to deliver that data and are using it as an additional tool on projects we are working on."

Mag. Nadja Wallaszkovits
Chief Engineer Audio
Austrian Academy of Sciences

"As Project manager of a large digitising facility, I have been searching for an automated QA solution for some time.
All the engineers at Crystal were very impressed with the AudioInspector software and I have no doubt it will become part of our quality control from here on in."

Joe Carra
Project Manager
Crystal Mastering, Australia

"We are impressed by the technology of AudioInspector and the possibility to integrate the new EBU core metadata set into our workflow.
We are using AudioInspector for transfering titles out of our 250.000 DAT-tape collection, with other formats to follow."

Thomas Bårdsen
Production Manager
The National Library of Norway

"We have used AudioInspector quite a lot to analyze our audiobook archive.
It has been very useful, reliable and easy to use once you get a hang of it's logic which is a bit different from usual Windows programs. XML-file import is a great feature."

Janne Lappalainen
CELIA Audiobooks, Finland